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SUNY GCC - Genesee Community College

Seeking a Degree

  • If you’re planning on earning your degree and graduating from GCC.
  • For both Full or Part-time students.

Not Seeking a Degree

  • If you just want to take some classes without earning your degree at GCC.
    (If you are concurrently enrolled at a SUNY school, visit our Cross Registration page for details on how to register.)
  • For Part-time students only.
  • DO NOT register as ‘Non-Matriculated’ if you are currently attending High School. 学生s without HS Diplomas should contact the ACE Department by sending email to,称 585-345-6801, or visiting the ACE网页.

Seeking a Micro-Credential

Micro-credential programs are designed to cover specific skills. They require just 9 to 15 credit hours in courses relevant to your chosen topic, and can be earned in as quickly as one semester.

International 学生s Seeking a Degree

  • International 学生s wishing to come to GCC on an F-1 Visa and obtain a degree.

International 学生s Not Seeking a Degree

  • International 学生s in the United States or abroad wishing to take a GCC course.
students in computer lab

Genesee Promise Plus (GPP)

Are you or are you going to be a:

  • 2024 High school Graduate?
  • 2024 G.E.D. 收件人?
  • 2025 Expected High School Graduate?
  • New Adult College 学生?


As long as you’ve attended Genesee in the 过去12个月, you’re still eligible to register. 简单的 登录myGCC and you can sign up for upcoming classes!

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